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25 thoughts on “Abstract Art Lessons, Free Painting Videos – Linaria – by John Beckley

  1. Kali Stanland says:


  2. bidhrohi12 says:

    At some point while watching this video, I think I got hypnotized.

  3. lizzy potatocakes says:


  4. Sharmeen Arshad says:


  5. Tracy Fitzgerald says:

    Hello John, do you know where I can buy Gerstaecker acrylic paint in
    Australia? Or a website I could order them from? Those paints have a
    brilliant colour. Or do you know of another brand that is similar?

    Thanks for your time


  6. natalie says:

    Also would be nice i you upload something which is not abstract!

  7. Kimberly Fuechslin says:

    Abstract Painting ideas!

  8. isa marmolejo says:

    awesome, my favorite style and type of art!

  9. Angélica Lucena says:


  10. ShUule Mar says:


  11. Pat Tra says:

    love that pain marker!

  12. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    Yes please I need more, how lovely is this!

  13. Bill K says:

    Interesting techniques! Nice abstract piece,reminds me of Rothko and
    Magold as well as Kelly. The painting evolks a happy felling. Bright
    Caribbean colors. Interesting play with shapes and colors. Thanks for
    sharing. Bill Kearney :-) 

  14. joeyleigh drew says:

    Love this film…but can you please tell me about the music? Thank you

  15. molly warren says:

    i have to ask you something. do you know were I can find a place that sale
    sponge dotter for your paints been looking i cant find in bulk if you know
    site let me know . Thanks God Bless Molly Warren

  16. Johanna La Fe says:

    omg! I love it !

  17. Victor Aguilar says:


  18. 852Whitey says:

    I think I painted something very similar quite a while ago.
    In Kindergarten.

  19. zmoullan86 says:

    nice , i like it :) 

  20. Loly Tijeras says:

    Very nice !

  21. Anthony Evans says:

    I was watching and wondering when the finished article would finally come
    to an end. But when it arrived l was very pleased with the finished
    painting, looks great !

  22. Elaine Ollison says:

    loved this!

  23. nancyweeal1 says:

    Did you use Acrylic Paint or ? 

  24. Sam Crowe says:

    Right up my street love it. Can I ask what you used on the black lines, was
    it a paint pen or was that a small paint tub you were using? 

  25. Alexandra Appelt says:

    so great :) 

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